[Pixelo walkthrough] Badges! (2)

Pixelo/Walkthrough 2014. 8. 4. 03:26

[Pixelo walkthrough] Badges! (2)

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Long time no see. I feel like posting it thousand year ago.

Personally, I'm glad that I can keep posting this.

Many big event was on me.

I moved from Seoul to Nam-yang ju.(It is like satellite town)

And launching Android ver. of pixelo.

developing new game.

Finally, I've got married!


But, Many of my friends who married are saying.(guys)

"What?? why did you do this wonderful thing so much early"

I was like...

"Huh? did you just say wonderful and early?"

(Me: I'm going to be married next month!!!!!!!!

 My friends : what?)

 My friends who are married feel more responsibility when they are married.

And their life style is changed. they also, want to have their alone time.

Yes, It's been a month. Now I understand what they are saying but, she is still perfect woman for me. :D

(But, My free game time is getting shorter..... sad...)


Let's talk about badges more.

Did you guys understand this formula right?

total XP =  Result (based on time) +  Perfect  +  Bonus (result * %) +  Special 

total G =  Result (based on time) +  Perfect  +  Bonus (result * %) +  Special 

Result, also has it's own formula.

Look at this.


This is XP and Gold result formula.

Horizontal and Vertical : puzzle size.

Min : 30-Clear min

Multiplier : (Horizontal + Vertical)/2 

1~5   = 1.0

   6~10  = 1.5

   11~15 = 2.0

   16~20 = 2.5

Solved means when you redo already cleared puzzle you'll get 1/6 result.

(What? 1/6? I'm gonna kill you! Are you listen to me?


Yes, I know it is really small amount of result.

But, I want people to focus on their first time puzzle rather than redoing same puzzle again and again. Also, I thought it is fair to who cares about leader board. make sound?

And this is perfect bonus formula.


Perfect bonus formula is quite similar to result. 

Horizontal and Vertical : puzzle size.

Min : 30-Clear min

Multiplier : (Horizontal + Vertical)/2 

1~5   = 1.0

   6~10  = 1.5

   11~15 = 2.0

   16~20 = 2.5

For example, I cleared puzzle 20*20 size in 12min without miss.

Result XP = (20*20)*18/5*2.5 = 3600

Perfect bonus XP = (20+20)/10*100*2.5 = 1000

Easy? huh? 

As you can see. To get more XP, bigger size puzzle, perfect is more important. But, Actually it depend on what kind of badges you are wearing.

If you are wearing +% Badge you need to focus on time. 

If you are wearing *2 perfect bonus you should carefully clear puzzle rather than time.

So, ask yourself "Am I speed puzzler or perfect puzzler?", then you can decide to buy and combine badges.

(OK! I'm totally ready now)

Alright! This is not the end.

There is more to tell you about badges (special badges) XD

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