[Pixelo walkthrough] Badges! (3)

Pixelo/Walkthrough 2014. 8. 5. 00:36

[Pixelo walkthrough] Badges! (3)

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Hi Pixelors~!  

Many people asked me about new game and pixelo update schedule.

new game will be an action game. I have a concept but I'm not sure it will be developed as I wanted. 

(this is What I want)

(When critical bug occurred)

(When someone developed similar but better game)

(Developing it forever)

(Developing game is getting ruined my life) 

Because my art and music skill is not perfect. If I think something is not enough to develop as game I'll change the concept. So, I think it is little bit early to talk about new a game. When it is 70~80% developed I'll post it :)

And new pixelo major update will be after this game.

On next major update, I'll add past daily puzzle pack, new type of puzzle and "pixelo creator"

People can create their puzzle and share. Sound Great huh?

(This is a pie in the sky...develop it now!)


Alright! Let's get back to the badges!

This time, we'll see special badges.

(These things!)

It is unclear how much more gold you can get right?

So, Many of you guys are hesitating to buy those one.

But, from now, you don't need to worry about it.

I'm gonna tell you each badges formula. :D

1. First Pixelo

Gold : Basic Money amount

Formula : After formula applied total gold.

Multiplier : (Horizontal + Vertical)/2 

1~5   = 1.0

   6~10  = 1.5

   11~15 = 2.0

   16~20 = 2.5

 This badge is very cheep but give great money at the early phase.

And this badge is, also, working on cleared pixelo.

2. Vegeterian

This badge is not bad. :D

But sometimes easy to forget full marking X.

3. Fruit basket

If you are making miss a lot. This badge is great for you.

4. Challenger

This badge is really great but not using x marks is not easy. ):

5. Symbol designer

This could combine with Challenger badge. Think about it.

6. Mechanic

This badge is good for making a money. Usually, many badge is not working on solved pixelo. But, this is working.

7. Multiple character


 good at the early phase. try until get 25% 

8. Easter Egg

 This badge is similar to plants man badge.

Don't take it seriously. These kind of badge is just for fun!

(Can you see that egg?)

(By Click, you'll get 1000G)

 I spent a lot of time making a duck's behavior. XD

Isn't that cute? When I see this duck I feel relaxed. (I'm serious man!)

(It's important to me. Help me my friends!)

Anyway, I guess this is All about badges. If I miss something I'll post it later.

Next time. I'll post about Prize. 

Enjoy Pixelo life!

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