[Pixelo Walkthrough] Prize!

Pixelo/Walkthrough 2014. 9. 6. 15:45

[Pixelo walkthrough] Prize!

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Hi Pixelors~!  

Today is our country's holiday. It's like thanks giving day.

We celebrate our hour ancestor and eat newly harvested food.

And we visit grandfather's house. So, this time extremely heavy traffic is all round our country.

Normally, it takes 4 hour from my house to father's house. But, this time it will takes more than 10 hour. it is like hell!

Soooo heavy traffic!

I'm developing action game now. so far so good. And I'm learning painting skills. I'm not good right now. But, I'll try until it is OK for my game.

This is not related to my game, Just for practice :)

Anyway, let's talk about Prize.

Actually, it is not like badges, there are not many things to tell you.

This is prize list.

Prize is normally related to options.

If you want to know more about options. look at this.


I think prize is important because it gives money to buy badge or theme.

But, at first, there are not many things you can do.

Compensation, Loser and Infinite Challenge prize is good for try in early phase. :)

If you get all prize, I want to say to you like this.

Yes, you are!

One of pixelo player made PiXELO wiki. It's Japanese but, still really helpful, to be honest, it is better than this blog...


it is really well organized badge and prize and Tip's are really helpful. :)

Thanks to you Diego!

Now, I gotta go to my father's house.

Wish me there are not many traffics. :)

Next post will be about pixelo solving skills.

Nice weekend!

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  • DieGo 2014.09.07 16:29 ADDR 수정/삭제 답글

    Hi, Me gusta.
    I enjoy daily pixelo everyday, thx.
    I updated pixelo wiki with information in this page immediately.
    Perhaps Condition for unlocking Shoppaholic: Clear Wear Category Pixelo Over "1"

  • Me gusta 2014.09.10 12:57 신고 ADDR 수정/삭제 답글

    You are right. I fixed it. Thanks ^^