[Pixelo walkthrough] Basic Guide - Rules!

Pixelo/Walkthrough 2014. 9. 28. 23:39

[Pixelo walkthrough] Basic Guide - Rules!

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Hi Pixelors~!  

Pixelo android version is doing great in Korea. Today, it is ranked on 4th in paid-game board.

And I accept the request for an interview from Korea game-news magazine.

Interview will be tomorrow.

Yes, finally, my hard work starts to paid off something.

Relaxation time! yeah... there~

Thank you all you guys. : )

OK! Today we are going to talk about rules.

Many of you guys already know basic rule of this type of game.

But, some guys are still having a trouble.

Pixelo is simple logic puzzle.

Main goal is Drawing an image using numbers as clue. 

Rule 1. Number means continuous squares.

Number 5 means 5 continuous squares.

Number 3 means 3 continuous squares.

But, there are 5 space.

So, possible solutions are like this.

Can't decide 3 squares position. right now.

But, we can see the common square.


So we can decide only one square like this. 

Rule 2. Between each number means at least one empty square.

Between number 2 and number 2, there is at least one empty square needed. 

The point is at least one empty square.

This could be 1 or 2 empty squares.

These are possible solutions.

Can you see common square?

OK. this is all the basic rules.

We can develop our skills based on these rules.

Skill 1. Finding Overlaps

Ok. We know the rules so, we can guess possible square positions, then we can find overlaps.

Look at this.


Can you see that purple area? That's overlaps and we can mark square there.

What if there are two numbers on the left?

No problem. We can find overlap.

if you can guess where six square start from left and right finding an overlap is piece of cake.

Three? That's tough. 

But, no problem.

Skill 2. Marking X

Marking X is very important. It gets rid of useless squares that you don't need to mind and make it ease to find overlaps.

Let's see this one.

Right now, we can't decide 2nd column. After check X mark, We can find the overlap.

Like this.

OK! Let's see another case. 

We can't decide 2nd and 3rd column right now.

After check X mark, We can find the overlap as well.

see? As we can see, marking X is very important.

So, do not ignore marking X.

Alright! These are rules and skills. Is this helpful for you guys?

This not the end. There is advanced skill. We'll talk about this later.

(I don't need that stuff anymore! give me puzzle!)

Haha! OK. 

Thank you for playing!

Enjoy! Pixelo!

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