[Pixelo walkthrough] Advanced Skill!

Pixelo/Walkthrough 2014. 10. 9. 00:10

[Pixelo walkthrough] Advanced Skill!

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Hi Pixelors~!  

Today, we are going to talk about advanced skill.

This could be the most difficult skill in this style puzzle.

It is like deadly skill. so useful and cool, but you can be hurt. (especailly, your brain)

Like this.

But, do you still want to know?

(no problem!)


Let's talk about this.

I don't know how it is called in other country, but in Korea, we called "apagogical reduction".

Does it look so difficult name itself?

But, this method's main concept is simple => "What if..."

Ok. Lets look at this puzzle.

This is hammer fish in pixelo.

With basic rules, we can be stuck here. There are no more clue.

In this situation, many people test their luck. But, from now. you don't need to do that. Every pixelo can be solved logically. Trust me.

Let's start.

Can you see that blury pixel at (11,7) ?

Let's assume that is right pixel.

Then, we can solve more pixels... this much

But, here we can find some logical error. look at below.

see red line? it is totally logically impossible.

Then, we can say point (11,7) is definatly not a pixel.

So, we can decide it is empty pixel.

see? at this point it give lots of information.

like this.

So, you can continue to solve this puzzle.

Seems nice huh? 

But, When I learned and applied it. It is really difficult. because I have to try this method only with imagination to avoid wrong answer.

After many tries, my brain is trained so now, I can use this method in my brain.

And, it is really important to find critical point like point (11,7)

There is key point to find this.

"select one point which could gives a lot of information if it is not a pixel."

First time you would be difficult to find this but if you are trained it becomes not a big deal.

Try it now!

Is your brain Ok?

(Stop that! your brain is innocent!)

Now, I think I have told everything about pixelo.

I'm not sure there will be more walkthrough.

So, This could be the last time. : )

I guess I will meet you guys on news sometimes with updates.

I'll focus on developing new game.

So, See ya and enjoy Pixelo life~!

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