[Pixelo walkthrough] Badges! (1)

Pixelo/Walkthrough 2014. 5. 12. 17:53

[Pixelo walkthrough] Badges!

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Hi Pixelors!

Sorry for late posting. These days everything is new to me. So, It really difficult to come to my senses.

(What.. the?)

Being one man developer is totally challenging. 

Because my major was not programming (I was majored in engineering) And, I worked in purchase department for a year. and I worked as a private banker for 2 years. 

(something is wrong...)

(damn...I screwed my career.  D:)

I started programming as a hobby. And now, It is my dream. 

Actually, I don't know How long I can develop games. Because of Money... money...

But I'm really happy that people are enjoying my game. It's really rewarding.

Thank you guys.

I'll do this things for as long as i can. : )

And I'll give you back this love by major update! (I'm planning to add new features.)

Alright! Let's talk about badges!

Pixelo has over 100 badges and Prizes. It was a tons of work.

The only purpose of this system is to spice puzzle game up.

Generally, puzzle game does not have any motivation except solving puzzle.

So, I want to implement RPG element here.

(Hmmm... Donu... no!  Badges...)

Badges could be my weapon and Prizes could be my passive skills for RPG game.

It's easy for understanding metaphor. right?

But it's only puzzle game. There is not much rooms for giving you a variety weapon.

So, When I design badge and Prize system. I thought...

(Yes, That's perfect!! I can do it!!! hahahahahahahahahahahaha)

But when I ran out of idea. 

(nah, Who cares...)

So, Badges are result of deep, deep consideration. Even some badges effect are stupid. But, thinking out that effect was killing me. So, don't take it seriously badges are for fun!

1. Unlock condition 

First, You got to know unlock condition to get badges that you like.

There are 7 type of unlock style.

a) Level

b) Difficulty

c) First

d) Category

e) Statistics

f) Special Util (shop)

g) Hidden

a. Level 

It's basic Badges. You can unlock this one by reaching Level.

0,3,5,8 Level give you unlocking badges and effect goes up by +2%.

b. Difficulty

These badges are master badge. When you cleared all certain difficulty levels you can get. It give you Gold and Xp effect.

c. First

These badges are unlocked when you do something first.

It's not a good effect. But, OK for early phase.

d. category 

Every pixelo is classified by category. Many players wonder which is which category.

I can't tell you all of them. Because I classified those things personal standard and To make more badges, some of 'em does not make sense. (some player get mad because of this. Sorry for this.) guessing by name is the best way. Share the information with your friend. :)

e. Statistics 

 Some badges can be unlock by statistics. But if you are doing something repeatedly to unlock these badges that will be really tiresome. So, I recommend that don't do this thing on purpose.

f. Specail util 

 You can unlock this one by buying special util in shop menu.

G. Secret 

 These badges are literally secret. I can't tell you the unlock condition.

Find everywhere! :) 

2. Effect 

There are basic rule for badge effect. 

Most of badges effects on result XP and GOLD. Both are composed of 4 element.

total XP =  Result (based on time) +  Perfect  +  Bonus (result * %) +  Special 

total G =  Result (based on time) +  Perfect  +  Bonus (result * %) +  Special 

a) Result

b) Perfect

c) bonus

d) special

a+b. Result and Perfect

Badges does not effect this element. It's only matter of your skill.

If you play same level, you get much lower Result and Perfect score. (about 1/6)

c. bonus 

It is +% badge effect. 

So these badge effect bonus.

If badge has certain condition, it doesn't work solved level. (e.g Zoo keeper and Junk collector... Blue line)

※ Builder and Happy pill badges effect only bonus XP and GOLD.

So, This kind of combination is working.

Can you believe this? +510% XP?

510% = Zoo keeper (+300%) * Builder(300%*1.7=510%)

You can make your own badge combination like this.

d. Special 

Rest of badges effect on Special bonus.

※ If badge has certain condition, it doesn't work solved level. (Blue lines.)

3. Special effect badges 

Many people ask me that what the PlantsMan badge is.

I know its description is terrible. But there is no way to explain this one in limited space.

After wearing this badge you can be a plantsman really.

If you wear this badge, go to title screen.

Shoot? See?

This cute thing will grow and give you gold... Can you Believe?

If you spend much time wearing the badge, You can see the Tree!

And can you see the fallen leaf? This will be your money.

By clicking!

This leaf gives you around 200~800G per click.

Looks stupid? I know. But, Who would expect this kind of things in puzzle game. I bet my balls no one would expect. 

(The Hobbit - An Unexpected Journey)

Anyway, I spent a lot of time to explain this but still I have something to say.

I'll post rest of things next posting.

Always, Thank you for playing!

Enjoy! Pixelo!

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  • James David 2014.05.14 18:09 ADDR 수정/삭제 답글

    Its pleasure to read

  • Mr.O 2014.05.15 21:41 ADDR 수정/삭제 답글

    wow....double works ^^ u did good job. 수고했어. 영어로 참 그래..그지 ㅋㅋ 굿잡맨

  • sfefs 2014.05.18 01:19 ADDR 수정/삭제 답글

    when will you list exactly what you consider "junk" etc?

    • Me gusta 2014.05.20 00:45 신고 수정/삭제

      Sorry, I will not list 'junk' category right now.
      Cuz, junk collector badge is cheep but it is so powerful.
      People can easily make a fortune by using this.

  • Tomas 2014.05.18 20:58 ADDR 수정/삭제 답글

    Hey I am very curious how you come up with so many different puzzles? And still producing one new each day.

    Also I want to ask whether is it true for ALL badges that they must be worn in order to receive special effects?

    • Logo 2014.05.25 22:23 수정/삭제

      Yes, you must wear badges in order for them to work.

  • Tommy 2014.05.19 22:04 ADDR 수정/삭제 답글

    I really enjoy the game, even if the badges are hard to understand.
    Keep up the good work!

    • Me gusta 2014.05.20 00:49 신고 수정/삭제

      Hey, Sorry for late reply.
      Yes, I'm still producing Puzzles when I need. : )
      And yes, You have to wear a badge for special effect.
      Tell me where you can't understand, I'll explain it : )

  • Logo 2014.05.19 23:21 ADDR 수정/삭제 답글

    Just want to mention again, you have too many spelling mistakes in the puzzle titles, on your replies and even in the instruction.

    • Me gusta 2014.05.20 01:07 신고 수정/삭제

      Sorry, English is not my native language.
      But, If you tell me where I did, I can fix it.
      If I ignored your comment before I'm really sorry. i didn't do that on purpose.
      Really, sorry about that.
      If you e-mail me about it. that would be perfect.

      Thanks for Playing :)

  • 익명 2014.05.21 14:41 ADDR 수정/삭제 답글


    • Me gusta 2014.05.23 09:59 신고 수정/삭제

      프로그램으로 체크할때는 문제가 없다고 나오는데,
      저도 직접풀어보니 막히네요. 예전에 풀었던 것으로 기억하는데;;;
      제가 좀더 연구해보고 계속 막히면 수정하도록하겠습니다. ^^
      제보 해주신거 너무 감사드립니다. ^^

    • 화이팅~~ 2014.05.23 17:26 수정/삭제

      확인해주셔서 감사합니다~
      제가 실수로 영어로 포스팅한 곳에 댓글을 달았었네요..-_-;;

      게임 너무 재밌습니다~
      매일 데일리 퍼즐만 기다리네요^^

      화이팅하시고 앞으로도 재밌는 게임 많이 만들어 주세요~

  • EveRaine 2014.05.27 01:19 ADDR 수정/삭제 답글

    I'm curious about the Multiple Character Badge... What exactly is the effect of it?

    • Me gusta 2014.05.27 11:21 신고 수정/삭제

      It gives bonus +% gold.
      It depend on your profile name. (range is about 10~25%)