[Pixelo walkthrough] Unlocking options

Pixelo/Walkthrough 2014. 4. 26. 15:26

[Pixelo walkthrough]   Unlocking options 

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Hi Pixelors!

I've been tough day.

Cuz flash version of my game has some problem that I've never expected. And My mom get sick. (she has depressive disorder) I had to go army service for a day. (I'm a korean.) 

My allergy is getting worse especially this week.

It's like perfect storm!

(Oh.. no s.. stop!!)

By the way, many of you guys seem happy with my game. I feel really good about that. Thanks guys  :)

Today, I gonna post about the options of my game.

Some veteran logic player are not comfortable with this system.

I should have  told you this one much earlier.

Sorry, I was really busy.....

(W...What is this smell??? liar??)

... Yes, Shame on my laziness.

Anyway let's talk about the options.

This is an option menu.

At First, Most of them are locked But, you can unlock these thing by solving related puzzles.

1. Touch mode.

You can use touch mode.

Keypad user may not need this option. But iPad user this one would helpful.

Unlock condition :  Clear Tutorial.

Prize Icon :  Touch

2. Even X.

Even X is very helpful when you use mark X.

While you press the mark X button it keeps mark x whatever pixels on.

Here is example.

a) even X off

b) even X on

The opposite way also works.

Unlock condition :  Clear Scale puzzle. (Easy puzzle/5page/7th)

Prize Icon :  Scale

3. Theme.

You can change your background and highlight.

Dragging 'BG' and 'HL' marker.

Unlock condition :  Clear palette puzzle. (Easy puzzle/4page/2nd)

Prize Icon :  Painter

4. Run.

After you get this option on. You don't need to move cursor one by one. Just Keep press the keypad! Must have Item!

Unlock condition :  Clear runner puzzle. (Easy puzzle/3page/4th)

Prize Icon :  Runner

5. Fast.

Run faster~!

Unlock condition :  Clear more than 8 puzzles related to vehicle.

Prize Icon :  Car

6. Jumper.

You can move your cursor edge to edge by keypad~!

This is also must have item!

Unlock condition :  Clear Jumper puzzle(Easy puzzle/2page/5th)

Prize Icon :  Jumper

7. Safe mode 1

Marked X pixel can not be filled out by pixel right away.

This will reduce your mistakes.

Unlock condition :  Clear more than 8 puzzles related to nature.

Prize Icon :  Greenpeace

8. Safe mode 2

When you do mistake. This option will be activated. You can't use pencil for very short time.

So, you can be safe from another mistake. 

Unlock condition :  Clear more than 3 puzzles related to baby.

Prize Icon :  Good parents

9. Vision

Small vision for your drawing.

playboard can be dirty with your wrong answer. But small vision help you to see clearly your puzzle picture.

See left.

Unlock condition :  Clear CCTV puzzle(Easy puzzle/7page/7th)

Prize Icon :  CCTV

To unlock every option, You must have this badge.


Unlock condition :  Clear more than 1 puzzle related to construct.

Badge :  Architect

Effect : After solve puzzle. It unlocks double stages.

Cost : 10000G

Look at this beautiful badge. :) This badge is really useful.

When you want to play normal & hard puzzle. This badge would help you.

The fastest way to get this badge is clear Church puzzle (Easy puzzle/2page/13th).

And if you clear last puzzle of Easy puzzle, The normal level will be unlock. :) (yeah~)

The hard level you can get there same way.

Alright! I think I explain everything about option & unlocking options.

Next post will be...

Can you see this +500% gold bonus?? Is it possible?

With Badge combination, everything is possible.

I'll post next time...

Enjoy! pixel life~!

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